We have been working with Epic Global Group Limited for over 10 years now, initially in the UK—mostly in the Cambridge area. Epic has always shown a great reactivity and a very high quality of work. When Avidity Science expanded its business activities across the EMEA region, Epic became our first choice for our mid-size project installations, as well as for our largest and most complex installations (up to 2 months of work): the work involved plumbing (PVC, stainless steel 304 + 316) and electricals (High:Low voltage), providing complete watering installations for the R&D sector. We carried on contracting Epic across the Asia/Pacific region, with great feedback from our end users/customers: academic, pharmaceutical, and governmental. 

Epic Global Limited is a very flexible company, working hard and taking up challenges with a positive attitude. (Challenges occur very often—especially on international jobs!) The Epic team always do whatever they can to please our customers. Going the extra mile on each job we’ve hired them for so far. 


I highly recommend this company. Give the Epic team scope of work, and they will get the job done ahead of time, leaving a happy customer.

—Thomas Follier

Avidity Science

Sales Manager—EMEA

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