Epic have worked alongside a number of sustainable energy companies who chose to use our electrical and heating services to complement their own system design knowledge. WWe have worked with award-winning companies to install Solar PV (photovoltaic)Solar Thermal (hot water), Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass boilers. We can recommend a Renewable Energy company who will take care of the design and accreditation, while we do what we do best—high-quality installation.

With the demand in electrical vehicles rising, we have installed hundreds of EV chargers for our customers over the years. We don’t work with a specific manufacturer; instead, we make recommendations based on car cable connector type (e.g. Type 1, Type 2), requirement for smart controls (e.g. charging with excess solar power), budget available, and space available. We aim to be using hybrid vehicles in the future to be able to work in cities around the globe and are striving to be carbon neutral and cut our carbon footprint by 25% by 2025.

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The UK has been enjoying coal-free electricity production due to the huge impact of wind and solar PV. Generating your own low-carbon power allows you to reduce energy costs now and into the future, while helping to protect the environment from harmful fossil fuels. Epic Global has installed solar PV systems for both domestic and commercial customers—completing the electrical installation, while the design and on-roof installation is completed by an MCS accredited company (allowing you to benefit from any subsidies).

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With gas boiler installation being phased out in new home developments, homeowners are already looking for renewable alternatives. Epic Global is the preferred electrical and mechanical contractor for a number of sustainable energy companies and has successfully installed a range of renewable heating options such as biomass boilers, air-source heat pumps, and solar thermal systems.


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